Power Suit OR Suit with power

Now a days did you guys noticed and watched Female Pakistani celebrities dressed in “Pant Suit” either on an award show, promotions or any launch and wonder what this trend is ?? Which sign of “Fashion” or “Style “ is reflected through “Pant Suit”?? Is this a new fashion trend or Old ??

Well i can say hardly few people had these thoughts.I personally love to wear “Pant Suit” and i love it whenever i see any celebrity slaying this “West oriented Pant Suit” in much graceful way with even our traditional touch

Like everything have a history behind it “Pant Suit” also have a remarkable and glorious history depicting women power and struggle in removing the tag of second citizen of a society. (more…)

Neon nail colors by P.S.

Hello beauties!

So here are some cute nail color items by P.S. which are in Neon colors

These are as cool as to apply as they look

Get onto these cute little items for a funky cool look 🙂

can’t wait to try these on

Enjoy the day