Power Suit OR Suit with power

Now a days did you guys noticed and watched Female Pakistani celebrities dressed in “Pant Suit” either on an award show, promotions or any launch and wonder what this trend is ?? Which sign of “Fashion” or “Style “ is reflected through “Pant Suit”?? Is this a new fashion trend or Old ??

Well i can say hardly few people had these thoughts.I personally love to wear “Pant Suit” and i love it whenever i see any celebrity slaying this “West oriented Pant Suit” in much graceful way with even our traditional touch

Like everything have a history behind it “Pant Suit” also have a remarkable and glorious history depicting women power and struggle in removing the tag of second citizen of a society.


                                        A model in Le Smoking tuxedo suit, 1967.


“COCO CHANNEL & “YVES SAINT LAURENT” initiated and paved the way for women of 60’s and 70’s to dress up like a boss of her own world and in many worldly affairs like during “WWI” when women shoulders get heavier  by more burden.This fashion trend started gaining the attention of people as a “Power Suit” for women because it has all the elements of Men’s clothing.Then there comes a moment when it get criticized by west always keep it in mind that “West” do have some conservative spots for Women it’s not  only our Pakistani society.

But with the passage of time and through an article of Bill of Civil rights and with the help of media and political icons this “Power Suit” goes higher and higher even “Hilary Clinton” marked this trend and style of women power in all her carrier.Today things got changed and improved now this “Power Game” is not restricted to a piece of cloth it get it’s heights in the confidence of today’s woman who knows how to carry herself in which kinda style and suit,She don’t need a society to tell her in which way she have to dress it’s her “Power”.

In 20’s “Pant Suit” got a different niche with floral patterns,pink hues and banarsy fabric now this “Power Suit” is that suit in which you feel yourself confident,powerful and a leader of your own world and “Pant Suit” is the sign of it that where Pakistan criticized for conservative vision regarding women apart of it our women knows how to beat the challenges in every field of life with grace and elegance.And don’t forget that Pakistan is not only the country where women face criticism over dressing.Embrace what you have with your “Power Suit”. 

Pakistani women how perfectly flaunt this attire with their own power style 


                           Mahira Khan


Ayesha Omer


Aymen Suleman

That all for today my lovely readers 🙂

will be back with something amazing and focusing to discus.Do give your feedback and follow me on “INSTAGRAM” @wardrobe_instyle_ and show your love


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