“November comes home”

“Hit on the door in Silence with the cool breeze❄️
Bring ornamented dew drops on leaves🌿
Cozy blanket accompanied with hot chocolate for your ease☕️”


Well well it’s like yesterday that 2017 had started and can’t believe that only one month is left to hit another year but we still got one and half month Hawn 😜 to cater with our plans and stuff.So. Today I’ll share with you guys some interesting facts about November because you know what ?? I was thinking at night that months passed by, year come and go and I only bother to do plans according to my style I never noticed what is November? What is it meant for nationally or internationally?what if we know some interesting facts about November it well help us out in different ways like traveling o yeahhh 😍|

If we marked the calendar in November two very important historical events comes home along with November
November3 marked Urs of “ShahAbdulLatifBhatai
November9 hit the birthday of “AllamaIqbal” a man whose words worked like magic

I know I know you guys must be think that it’s not so important or great to know but if we go deep in then we could know that what legacy we have to carry on with our nationality and identity | Now let’s jump onto the freezyyyy breezeyyyy and now smogyyy weather 😷of November,but, guess what not the whole Pakistan is in smog you can head over to the land of heaven and colors where hospitality is what win your heart forever 😍|These three beautiful spots are worth to spend your quality time with your loved ones and the reality is beautiful is such a small word to admire these precious pieces of land blessed with numerous blessings and gems |Now guess what i think it’s enough for today 😂😂 because I don’t want my beautiful readers to yawn and flip this post up without reading 🤷🏻‍♀️💞I’ll be back with another amazing post of November but this time I’ll come with some fashion or beauty update 🙋🏻 soundsinteresting ?? Right ???So, my lovely readers don’t forget to comment and tell me what you like or dislike I would even appreciate your negative remark if it comes for betterment 🤗And don’t forget to follow me on “INSTAGRAM”👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 @wardrobe_instyle_Would love to know my audience 🙂

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