Covered in buries and scars

She got up with the heavy heart

Trying not to scream out loud

Covered in beautiful clothes

with the spark of shiny glitters on her face

She is happy and beautiful now

Such a clown she is

word courtesy by:- Toobah Ahmed

Dolce and Gabbana

i like cats but at some distance :p

but this cool and creative outfit by Dolce and Gabbana is love

and my love for shoes in this one is at madness lol…


Fair and Lovely BB cream

Hello beauties !! 🙂

i had never tried any BB cream but finally i tried  BB cream by Fair and lovely and there is no doubt that this BB cream is such a magic for daily use with instant fairness look and make-up finish…

and for wedding functions its so amazing you just need to apply it after a primer or any moisturizing cream

I personally love this product ❤FullSizeRender (19).jpg

  • Best way to apply :- by tapping it specially at dark circles then there will be no need to apply concealer
  • apply in minimum amount
  • And voila 🙂


leave in comments who else tried this product and what was their experience


Such glamour and this beauty Kendal Jenner on the cover of Harpersbazaarus ,can’t take my eyes off 👀
Red is on my list of favorite colors

And Red lipstick 💄 O o la la is to die for 💁🏻

What’s your favorite color list ??? 

P O W E R U P !! ✨


My madness for shoes will never go fade 🤣

And pearls ❣️ 

Who will say no to pearls ??

For me I can never lolxxx

Pearls can never go out of fashion

And these shoes by MIAASA are on my wish list now 😩

Magic of NPRO 

In love with this NOMAKEUP look by NABILA’s with the white amazing outfits 

And such flawless 😍

Will you guys go out with no makeup at all and stand out with such confidence ??? 

Well in my opinion we have too believe in ourselves and in our natural beauty too ✨👱🏻‍♀️

Like a Wizard 🔮✨